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Lately I’ve been hearing people comment that we aren’t really in control and reciting the Yiddish proverb: “Man plans, God laughs,” that they’re being asked to have faith. Faith in what, I wonder. Don’t we all have faith in something…a lot of things? I realize the term typically refers to having a belief in God or something that cannot be proved, yet don’t we also have faith, without thinking about it, in things such as that the floor will be under our feet when we get out of bed?

Do we look at our unsuccessful attempts to create specific desired results and our illnesses as a sign that we’re not in control, therefore God must be, because we have faith in God? And then tell ourselves we must have faith…that God has a better plan for us? Or, when we succeed, thank God for giving us what we asked for? I know I’m simplifying this, but I wonder if we’d be better off to ask ourselves what we really have faith in and answer the question honestly. Is it a stupendously strong faith that keeps the ground under our feet? That allows us to witness our current perceptions of the physical universe? Is that stronger than our faith in God and his plans for us?

I know I’m stretching out there…

I recently had a conversation with someone and referenced something he’d talked about. He then told me he hadn’t said anything about that, but that it was true, he just hadn’t said it. Wait a minute! Don’t mess with my perception of reality—that I can tell the difference between a thought and a spoken statement. It’s pretty cool to be able to know things beyond the spoken and the physical, but it’s really helpful to know when it’s a “knowing” and when it’s a shared physical experience.

So, what do you have faith in? Your talents and abilities? God? That the sun will come out tomorrow? That the devil tempts us? If you treat others well, they will treat you well? That the other shoe will drop…eventually? That there’s more to our world that what we can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell? That there’s not?

What do I have faith in that I’m not aware of?

       Some things are best kept private.

I’m aware of that.


Love you,


I suppose we are all looking for something, like the characters in The Wizard of Oz. Maybe not as earnestly…or maybe. Each on our own journey separate yet together. You know, that soul dance, bumping up against each other, taking nourishment and delight or offense, seeking what we need, even when incognizant. Our amazing souls create perfect situations for us to meet our needs, even when it doesn’t seem so.

What am I looking for? It isn’t as obvious as the lion looking for courage, the very thing already within. Or is it? If others, those beautiful souls journeying with me, serve as mirrors, are they simply showing me something I already possess?



So…an unmet need might be a bit more humbling than something like needing to feel heard or respected. Maybe it’s to see how I  pretend everything’s okay when it isn’t; how I justify to have what I think I want; how I minimize disrespectful behavior of others and defend them to maintain peace or status quo; how I stuff my feelings for the same reason.


Love you.

If something “rings true” where did the knowing come from? 

From the awesome network of electricity, sound, light, or something else, constantly shimmying and sashaying from one body to another–intentionally and inadvertently–in and out, through and between, striking chords and pushing buttons, depositing ideas and turning on light bulbs?

Where ever knowing comes from, to me it is an elegant dance of souls. Souls simply communicating in accordance with the mystery of existence…

Which reminds me of a wonderful piece by Ray Lynch: What to remember to be happy.

Love you.

Wandering in Barnes & Noble today I picked up a book debunking positive thinking. Curious about the author’s point of view I thumbed through it…barely a scan, so I have limited understanding. What I noticed was a comment about the power of complainers…the ones who worry about the bottom line or the performance of a stock or who notice when something isn’t working. I thought that an odd idea. Another odd idea she posed was that positive thinking and “New Age” ideas lead people to ignore warning signs and problems. Hmmm…without balance…I can see that. Without balancing above and below (heart and mind) either can spiral out of healthy functioning.

Then I picked up a book on intuitive medicine and read a little about messages our bodies give us and knowing things without knowing where the knowledge comes from. And I remembered things I’ve known without knowing how I knew. And I wondered why I’ve ever questioned what I’ve “known.”

Later I read an astrology piece about energies this month that will nudge us to speak the truth, if we dare. I interpret this to mean those things we’re afraid to say to others or admit to ourselves. What truths am I avoiding or denying knowledge of? Feeling tension in my heart and belly, a few come to mind. Aren’t we curious creatures? You tell me and show me the beauty of walking clean: without deception. Yet the contractions of fear hold tight. I’m sure I know the truths wrapped tightly inside.

Give me strength and grace to release these and faith in my ability to live with the truth and to see the inherent beauty.

Love you.

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