I had the opportunity to support someone who was experiencing some challenges this morning and a phrase I heard Warfield, a Lakota Medicine Man, frequently say came to mind: “It’s all good.” As I said it I realized she might have heard: “oh, don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.”

This brings to mind the parable about the farmer whose horse ran away, which seemed bad luck to the townspeople until two wild horses followed it home. Bad luck came again when his son broke his leg while breaking one of the horses…or did it? The next day the army came through rounding up able-bodied men to go to war, but the man’s son was not able. At each opportunity to perceive good luck or bad luck, the farmer said, “Maybe.”

I began this writing perceiving “It’s all good,” as “everything happens for a reason.” Though it may not seem good at the time, future perspectives often reveal a “good” reason.


Maybe it just is what it is, neither good nor bad, simply the events of a life.

You can choose to see bad luck, mistakes, and hard lessons.


You can choose to receive what comes your way and accept the wild horses and broken bones of today and of the today that comes tomorrow. And at the end of your life look back and see the balance–the hidden beauty within each event and say, “It was all good.”

Love you.