I had a conversation with a friend today about warriors, which naturally included the concept of wars and fighting. Aren’t we all at war in some way? Children are fighting on the playground, adults in the boardroom, parents in the bedroom, gangs on the streets, friends and lovers on Facebook, numerous groups in numerous forums, and each of us within our own hearts.

What are we fighting for? Equal rights? Freedom? A clean environment? Safety? What we want?

To prove we’re right? Good? Important? Valuable? The best?

One of my teachers says there is no “them” out there; there is only “us”. Us at war with ourselves.

I know I have inner conflicts and competing desires and values. I wonder if our experience of war and fighting of all types is an outer mirror of our inner wars…and how long it will take before “we” will stand, as Chief Joseph stood 132 years ago, and declare, “I will fight no more forever.”

What will it take?  How much destruction are we willing to exact on ourselves and others? How much pain are we willing to endure?

     As long as we believe in an us and them…
     As long as we fear rejection…
     And reject forgiveness and love.