Taking a breather to reflect on the past few days I’m aware of a lack of awareness of time that holds the hand of the present. While doing what needs to be done, and sorting and sifting new information for future reference, time seems suspended. It reappears in the remembering, in retrieving the bits and pieces of what’s been done and the instructions for tomorrow, in recollecting the things put on hold and the things temporarily forgotten: the dangling threads of life.

I like to say that I want to live a present life–life in the present. It’s rather intense. I know it isn’t always that way; enjoying the bold colors of a rainbow rising out of a dark river energizes me. And yet, I enjoy remembering and anticipating. What if we were only capable of present moment awareness? Would it be a life without comparison and judgment? Could we learn from our experiences? Could we remember our agreements with others? Where, when and how to show up?

I think I’d like to keep time around for a bit. Losing track of it for awhile is okay, but not forever.

Love you.